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Capsule Polishers

RCP155 : Capsule Polisher (Anis)
Sand blasted 0.3mm top irrigating port, 22mm length
RCP155-S : 23G Straight
RCP155-A : 23G Angled

RCP157 : Capsule Polisher (Jenson)
All around sand blasted bulbous tip, length 28mm gently curved.
RCP157-27 : 27G
RCP158-27 : Bottom sand blasted
RCP157-25 : 25G

RCP159 : Posterior Capsule Polisher (Freeman)

iragation port on both sides,19G, length32mm

Angled, sand Blasted

RCP161 : Posterior Capsule Polisher (Simcoe)
Reverse 0.30 mm aparture, 16 mm long, 23 G Curved, Sand blasted

RCP163 : Posterior Capsule Polisher (Simcoe)
Side port 0.30mm aparture, 16mm long, 23G curved, Sand blasted.

RCP165 : Anterior Caspsule Scrubber (Simcoe)
Tip is Angled 45 degree and roughened slightly 23G, Length 19 mm.

RCP167 : Posterior Capsule Scrubber (Simcoe)
Same as RCP165 but for posterior capsule.

RCP169 : Capsule Polisher (Kratz)
0.30mm top port, Angled, blasted 3mm from end.
15-169-21 : 21G x 22mm
15-169-23 : 23G x 22mm.
RCP171 : Collar Button (Greather)
Micro Iris retractor sand blasted posterior surface for capsule polishing side irrigation, Length 25mm
RCP171-S : 23G Straight
RCP171-A : 23G Angled.

RCP173 : Capsule Wall Scrapper ( Knolle)
Angled 2mm sand blasted, length 22mm
RCP173-30 : 30G x 22mm
RCP173-23 : 23G x 22mm
RCP175 : Capsule Polisher ( J Shaped ) Bulbous Tip
Designed to polish posterior capsule ring at 12 O' clock.
RCP175-23G x 28 mm

RCP177 : Flexible Tip Polisher Engles
Flexible Sleeve gives atraumatic insertion & removal.
27G x 22 mm curved 42 degree. Most suitable for Bimanual technique.

RCP1157 : Olive Tip Polisher (Pearce)
Olive shaped tips with 0.30mm top port micro sand blasted